A family holiday home with 3 fully equipped self-catering apatments. We are located in Istria, in a place called Stinjan which is part of Pula, just about 1km from the beach and all the rest of the best things this area has to offer. With our swimming pool, the garden and our warm hospitality this family home became favorite holiday destination to many of our guests.

On our 3000 square meter property we have more than enough place to park the car.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is big but on the side there children’s part, the swim stream and the mighty whirlpool area! There are sunbeds and parasols available. There is shared BBQ place and garden kitchen by the pool area.

Children Friendly

This property is surrounded with beautiful gardens and lot of places for children to play. Unlike many other places, they are more than welcome here.


Each of our appartments has fully equiped kitchen including cooking equipment, the dish washer and refrigerator.

Internet connection

The property is provided with broadband internet connection. This WiFi is applicable to any of internet devices.


Every apartment is air conditioned. This means in hot summers it cools down the apartment and warms it up in winter.


We have 3 great fully equipped apartments with similar capacity in accommodation. All the apartments have a functioning kitchen with all the necessary dishes and cutlery and of course a dishwasher, washing machine and air conditioner. This means that you can comfortably cook as much as you want or visit some of the great restaurants in the neighborhood.

Yellow apartment

The yellow apartment is the biggest and can accommodate 6 people. It’s modernly decorated, nice and spacious. There are 2 sleeping rooms with double beds and a big living room with a capacity to accomodate 2 more people. It has a great outside porch with full access to the garden and bbq. This apartment is also a great hangaround place.

Green apartment

The green apartment is just above the green one, on the first floor. The capacity for accommodation is also 6 people, but the balcony is a bit smaller, so it is perfect for beach or pool lovers!

Red apartment

Our red apartment is the smallest in size, but also very cute. It’s modernly decorated, but with an Istrian traditional touch. It has an old double king size bed and a great old clothing cupboard. Sleeping on this bed is divine. This apartment is also on the first floor and has a cute balcony with great views. This apartment is suitable for 2+1 people.


During your stay in this holiday house, your host will be the Bacac family, who are the owners and living next door. The best thing about it is if there is anything you need or need questions answered, you can just knock at their door. Their main goal was to create a stress free holiday house where people can truly relax and enjoy every aspect of their holiday. The place is daily maintained, cleaned and has so much love put in it. The Bacac family is constantly improving the house and now the outside kitchen, next to the swimming pool, is giving even more relaxed and fun ways to enjoy. This place is child friendly. Mario and Neva enjoy almost daily two of their own grand kids who love the company and love to play. So, kids are more than welcome here.

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